Frequently asked questions

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Metal Deck

  • Steel Decking
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame

PVC Wood Deck

  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • PVC Lami both sides

The metal deck has a UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) capacity of up to 300kg, while the PVC wood deck has a UDL capacity of up to 200kg.

Our Storage Rack has a default height of 183cm, but it can be fully customized to reach heights of up to 300cm.

  • The warranty for our storage system is valid for 1 year and covers manufacturing defects. We offer a 1 to 1 exchange for items that qualify for the warranty.

  • Please be aware that the warranty only applies to structural damages and not aesthetic damages. A pick-up fee of $50 will be charged.

  • It is important to note that warranty claims will not be accepted for products that have been damaged, dirtied, or abused due to customer misuse and negligence. Additionally, the warranty does not cover any labor or transportation charges that may be involved.

  • If the product is found to be faulty after installation, please contact us via phone or WhatsApp at 88581288. Do not attempt to repair the product on your own, as this will void the warranty provided by PG Storage Systems.