L-Layout, Robust and Customizable

Boltless L Racks

The L-Shaped Boltless Racks is a reliable and adaptable storage solution, providing exceptional stability and the convenience of customizable without center beam. This versatile rack is designed to maximize corner storage space, making it an ideal choice for optimizing your storage area.

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L Racks



  • comes in Metal Deck and PVC Wood Deck versions, both made of durable materials.
  • The Metal Deck has a steel deck and frame, while the PVC Wood Deck features a steel frame with wood laminate.
  • They offer customizable dimensions, with a standard height of 183cm, Add-On extension up to 300cm, and adjustable decking.
  • can bear loads of up to 300kg for metal deck and 250kg for PVC deck.
  • The Boltless L Rack comes with a default center-beam, with an add-on available for a seamless L without the center-beam.
Specifications of a boltless rack

General Specification Of A Boltless Rack The Boltless Rack comes in two variants : Metal Deck and PVC Wood Deck, both crafted from durable materials. Metal Deck Series features an Epoxy...