L-Layout, More Customization, Corner Storage Space

Boltless L racks

The L-Shaped Boltless Rack is a reliable and adaptable storage solution, providing exceptional stability and the convenience of customizable Add-on without a center beam maximizes corner storage space, making it an ideal choice for optimizing the storage area.

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L Racks

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  • comes in Metal Deck and PVC Wood Deck versions, both made of durable materials.
  • The Metal Deck has a steel deck and frame, while the PVC Wood Deck features a steel frame with wood laminate.
  • They offer customizable dimensions, with a standard height of 183cm, Add-On extension up to 300cm, and adjustable decking.
  • can bear loads of up to 300kg for metal deck and 250kg for PVC deck.
  • The Boltless L Rack comes with a default center-beam, with an add-on available for a seamless L without the center-beam.
Specifications of a boltless rack

General Specification Of A Boltless Rack The Boltless Rack comes in two variants : Metal Deck and PVC Wood Deck, both crafted from durable materials. Metal Deck Series features an Epoxy...